28th November 2017

Matchday Metrics

As part of the matchday experience, we developed the Matchday Metrics series of information panels to give fans an insight into the economic position of their club and the opponent on the day. Fans can compare various financial and economic aspects in a simple and accessible format as illustrated below:


In using a combination of data taken directly from the individual clubs’ balance sheets and our own calculations using the balance sheet data including Economic performance and the vysyble Football Profitability Index®, we provide a helpful financial and economic snapshot of the fixture in question.

We cover selected Premier League fixtures although we also select significant fixtures in other divisions and competitions. There will also be several games which will be highlighted due to notable economic or financial aspects eg the Premier League’s first ‘Billion Pound Game’ in December 2017 whereby the combined revenues of Manchester United and Arsenal exceeded £1bn:


Distribution of Matchday Metrics takes place via social media including Twitter (@seetrends and also under the following thread: #matchdaymetrics) and other channels.

The official press release for the launch of Matchday Metrics can be found here