14th September 2016

Who We Are

As industry professionals with decades of experience in financial analysis, business information and the use of data in the commercial world, we understand that clarity and transparency is essential in disseminating the key trends and direction of performance from a financial perspective.

Our approach has already gained international recognition whereby our incisive analysis has raised transparency levels and revealed the true financial dynamics at work.

With our proprietary tools and methods centred on value-based measurement, we deliver a unique and highly accurate insight into corporate and industry-sector performance which investors and analysts find invaluable and indispensible. Our belief in value-based analysis and insight emanates from the same thread of thinking as that of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet.


Roger Bell MBA

Formerly the Director of Strategy, Risk and Marketing for a FTSE-100 company, Roger has been an avid promoter of the concept of shaping strategy via a value-based perspective in conjunction with Professor John Barbour (University of Strathclyde Business School). He has advised a wide range of companies including several FTSE-100 businesses and has also had his work debated in UK and European Parliaments regarding his study on the financial viability of Europe’s energy companies. Roger has also had several articles published in industry journals covering a wide range of sectors and companies as well as being quoted in various media around the world. Roger’s only irrational pursuit is that of supporting Newcastle United.

John Purcell B.Sc (Hons)

A sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience, he has held a number of senior roles at UK and EMEA-level in companies providing business and financial information. John has a particular interest in trend dynamics and has been very active in developing the indexing capabilities of the business.

Gerry Devanney FCMA CGMA

Gerry has over 25 years of experience across a wide range of industries, having served as a board director for several large private UK, US, Finnish and Luxembourg-listed companies whilst also having held senior financial and operational roles for US corporations and a FTSE-100 business. Gerry has a strong analytical flare and a passion for many things, including Celtic football club.


Both Roger Bell and John Purcell have many years of experience as speakers and panellists at business events and conferences. We are able to cover a wide range of subjects using a value-based theme and drawing on work in areas such as Real Estate, Engineering, the Internet, Football, Retail and Energy. Please contact us via info@vysyble.com