Financial Analysis using Value-Based metrics and Indices

Searching for Value

We seek to find the real financial and operational dynamics that are often found buried deep within balance sheets and statements. In taking a deeply forensic approach, we are able to calculate the true 'Economic' Profit (or loss) whereby all charges or costs associated with conducting business are taken into account leaving a residual 'triple net' (after Tax, Interest and Capital charges) value. This is the identification of value creation if the number is positive and value destruction if the number is negative. In turn, we can compare companies on a like-for-like basis using our proprietary indexing capabilities whereby we can measure and compare the efficiency levels of businesses in generating Economic Profits.

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vysyble has gained extensive international media coverage by uncovering the true economic value-based performance of high-profile markets and companies with unrivalled clarity.

Why us?

Financial analysis using value-based metrics and indices
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Our focus is to unearth the true financial and operational dynamic and the trends therein. The trends enable us to identify areas of value creation. Often, we find areas and actions that result in value destruction. Our blogs and reports reflect our thinking across a varied mix of markets and entities in terms of how to create (or lose) value within a corporate setting. With our abiity to provide like-for-like efficiency measures in terms of generating shareholder value and economic profit, investors and analysts alike can determine the true financial picture of a business or industry sector.

  • See the true picture of financial performance in the calculation of Economic Profit

  • Unique like-for-like comparatives and efficiency ratings across sectors and categories down to individual company level. Who are the worst offenders and how do they compare?

  • Understand the key financial and operational trends from our objective commentary and analysis. Series includes the interntionally renowned reports on English Football's Premier League clubs.

  • Subscription-based service where we individually analyse FTSE-350 companies and determine overall economic performance with a comparative index rating.

Scope of Analysis

We get down to the smallest level of detail. It is this approach that has enabled vysyble to lead the debate in terms of economic performance analysis at market and company-level.

Financial Performance

Creating or destroying value?
To see if the market or entity in question is really doing everything it should to create value. How efficient is the entity in question? What is/are the index values and why?

Market data

Dynamics and trends
Expanding or shrinking markets? Is the analytical cohort behaving in a similar manner or are there exceptions and why? Do index values reflect decline, stagnation or growth?

Economic factors

Global and regional influences
What are the impacts if the market is highly regulated? Are there any economic factors that will influence future performance?


Development and direction
Sector start-ups, disruptive threats, social uptake, market shifts, development trends. What are the likley outcomes in economic performance with shifts in technology?

See how we go about our research and produce our data

Clear thinking

We strive to deliver transparency in the field of financial performance. We look so that you can see and understand the underlying themes and trends that create or destroy shareholder value.

Realising true financial performance starts here

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