11th October 2017

Press Releases

25th April 2024Premier League clubs achieve £1.04bn economic loss in 2022-23

13th July 2022Premier League clubs achieve successive seasonal economic losses of £1.0bn+

13th October 2021Financial Conditions For Football’s European Super League Remain

8th August 2021Premier League Clubs Achieve Record Economic Losses For Second Successive Season

9th June 2020Premier League Clubs Achieve Record Losses in Season Prior to Covid-19 Outbreak

28th March 2020Promoted Sky Bet Championship Clubs Incur Record Staff Costs On Premier League Gamble

19th September 2019Shareholder Value Analysis of World’s 15 Largest Pharmaceutical Companies Points to Turbulent Future Given Declining Returns and Rising Expectations

18th June 2019Big 6 Financial Dominance ‘Destroying Premier League’

14th June 2019Vysyble and The Barbour Partnership announce Strategic Partnership

18th October 2018Championship Clubs ‘Double Down’ on Premier League Gamble

22nd July 2018England’s Football Premier League Division’s Demise ‘Has Already Started’

30th November 2017English Premier League to host first ‘Billion Pound Game’

10th October 2017Championship Clubs generate average economic losses of £14.67m during Promotion season to Premier League

29th September 2017Vysyble launches Matchday Metrics

27th July 2017Sky’s Latest Financials Point To Increasing Uncertainty Over Future Premier League TV Deal

10th July 2017Vysyble Launches The Football Profitability Index

10th July 2017England’s Football Premier League Division Clubs Collectively Fail to Generate A Single Penny Of Economic Profit since 2009

5th July 2017Vysyble Launches Unique Value-Based Financial Efficiency Measurement Capability

17th January 2017Big Six UK Energy Suppliers Achieving Significant Economic Losses

29th November 2016Tesco  20-year Value Performance Shows Company’s Non-UK Activities Achieved Economic Losses of £6.1bn

22nd November 2016Football Faces Uncertain Future Due To Poor Economic Performance of Top English Clubs

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