4th July 2017

5th July 2017 – EP/R Value



London 5th July 2017.

vysyble announces the launch of a new and unique metric which reflects the relationship between Economic Profit (where all the costs of doing business including tax, interest and capital charges are considered) and Revenue. The resulting value is known as the EP/R Value®.

Investors, analysts and commentators can not only view the economic performance between companies on a like-for-like basis but can now determine for the first time the comparative efficiency levels between companies and businesses in achieving Economic Profits. This new level of financial transparency will enable investors and analysts to assess the true financial performance of companies thus making it easier to identify businesses which create shareholder value.

‘Since launching in 2016, vysyble has led the debate regarding company performance from a value-based perspective. The EP/R Value methodology delivers a new level of financial performance measurement across a broad range of companies, market sectors and industries. The ability to view economic performance and benchmark companies on their economic profit generation efficiency on a like-for-like basis opens a rich vein of new analytical capabilities centred around shareholder value and total shareholder returns,’ said John Purcell.

The EP/R Value methodology will be used for the first time to assess the economic performance of English Premier League clubs via a Football Profitability Index as part of a report to be released on 10th July 2017. The index will cover eight years of data and tracks both individual club economic profit efficiency performance as well as that of the whole division.

‘The EP/R Value methodology has revealed several remarkable trends and insights which have shed light on the relationship between financial and sporting performance which would otherwise have remained hidden,’ added John Purcell.

vysyble was launched in August 2016 and has gained international recognition in the calculation and examination of companies and market sectors in generating Economic Profit and shareholder value.



EP/R Value is a registered trademark.