21st July 2020

WSRIU 5th Edition

We’re So Rich It’s Unbelievable! 5th Edition

This free edition includes data from both the Premier League (2009-19) and the EFL Championship (2014-19). We look at the drivers behind why the top two tiers of English football achieved a record £914m in economic losses in the 2018-19 season, of which £599.54m originated from Premier League clubs.

The report runs to 88 pages and includes a detailed revenue analysis and breakdown, a comprehensive review of economic profit performance, the increasing influence and dominance of the Big 6 clubs, a highly detailed analysis of club economic efficiency using our proprietary Football Profitability Index and the effects on relegation and promotion, an examination of Premier League club Invested Capital trends and detailed examples of the wide variation in performance from Premier League clubs from an economic profit performance perspective.

You can access and download this free report HERE

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