18th June 2019

We’re So Rich It’s Unbelievable! – The Illusion of Wealth Within Football. 4th Edition

With ten years of data from 2009-18, analysis from over 300 balance sheets and the most detailed insight into the financially divisive dynamics of the English Premier League, this unique view of the top clubs in English football uncovers the trends behind a division that has earned £30bn in revenue and yet achieved economic losses of £2.1bn during the period of examination.

This 68-page report provides a detailed analysis of the division’s changing financial dynamics and offers a view into the future based on the evident economic profit trends.

We have calculated the economic performance for each club where all taxes and charges including the full cost of capital have been considered. The resulting output is the most detailed and transparent perspective of business performance for the top clubs in English football.

The big theme in this report is the financial stranglehold exerted by the Big 6 clubs over the rest of the division. This group has taken, and will continue to take, advantage of improving revenue from European competiton participation. With additional commercial opportunities and associated income, the financial gulf between it and the other clubs will undoubtedly widen further.

The report also includes outputs from our Football Profitability Index® (FPI) which measures the efficiency of each participant club in converting revenue into economic profit on a like-for-like basis. The report contains over 50 charts and 49 detailed performance tables including FPI ranking tables for each individual year between 2009 to 2018.

Contents include:

  • A detailed explanation of the Economic Profit methodology
  • A review of revenue performance at divisional level with year-on-year comparisons by club across the main revenue streams ie TV/Broadcast, Commercial and Matchday
  • A detailed assessment of the division’s performance from an economic profit perspective and associated trends
  • The financial trends behind the emergence of the Big 6 clubs and the increasing importance of European competition to the balance sheet
  • How the ‘Big 6 ‘ clubs and their increasing dominance is affecting the divisional financial dynamic. Also includes evidence suggesting a link between improving economic profits within the Big 6 group and points gained
  • Data from the Football Profitability Index which highlights the direct link between economic performance and relegation
  • 2009-18 Football Profitability Index tables which also includes Revenue and Economic Profit for each season/year under examination

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